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DonorHub is an exceptionally useful program for church groups or other non-profits that make it easier to track donation information for accounting staff. In a nutshell, DonorHub will do all the back-office functioning for your donations, enabling you to easily manage donor databases and ensure that you are accurately tracking all donations that your church receives.

DonorHub works as an overlapping program, integrating perfectly with your already existing donor software. As such, no major switch is required - it more or less acts as an add-on to whatever you already have. The program also brags that it has a variety of features at its disposal, offering additional flexibility compared to other similar systems. It also notes that it has a "fully funded staff" at its disposal, thus ensuring that you can get whatever support you need.

At $65 a month, this software is not tremendously expensive. However, smaller churches or missions may struggle to pay these costs. Larger ones will also note that there is a $1 per staff fee. This fee seems even larger when one examines the relatively minor section in terms of customer service support that is available. There is a guide and a help manual...but that's it. No course, no videos, and no tutorials. The system to learn how to use DonorHub is decidedly out of date.

Despite some of these issues, users tend to give the program good ratings, noting that it is easy to use and provides great management and support programs. The program produces useful donation and assessment reports as well. Furthermore, the program is internet-based. This means that users can access their financial information from anywhere with internet access, regardless of where in the world someone is. For missionaries or church members that travel, this feature can be absolutely invaluable.


  • Integrates easily with already existing donor program information, saving you the trouble of switching your program while also enhancing whatever program you have working for you.
  • Comes with a variety of staff funding and flexibility, thus guaranteeing that you will have the support you need to customize the program however best suits your desires.
  • Easy to use and provides a very useful feature that churches can take full advantage of. 
  • Provides useful and insightful reports. 
  • Accessible via the cloud, ensuring 24/7 access to financial information, no matter where you are.


  • Website is awkward, clunky, and clearly hasn't been updated in some time. This makes the page a little bit difficult to manage.
  • Price range may be out of the realm of what a smaller organization can afford.
  • Out of date tutorial system makes it hard to imagine that this program will be able to fully serve your needs, or that you will be able to completely understand how you and your church can get the most out of it. 
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